How do you hook up studio monitors

2011-3-2  1/8 splitter to to dual 1/4 or rca or xlr (depending on the studio monitor) will work, but most of the time you'll want to go with an external sound card such as the sapphire 6 usb (what i use), or one of the many offerings from m-audio, presonus. Do you mean hook up other sets of speakers or take the mixed song that i did on my phones elswere to other monitors but thanks a bunch for all of this input i am new to all of this and i love the fact that the learning amazingly does not stop. Great studio monitors will force you to work harder to craft a mix that sounds good this will lead to tracks that sound great on a variety of different speakers, not just ones that sweeten or hype up the sound. 2013-12-30  studio monitors for tv audio - please help chances are you tv has some sort of audio out feature that you could use to hook them up to, but often times the audio out is a weak signal and to.

So that’s how you set everything up in an equilateral trianglethe distance between the speakers and the distance between you and each speaker should be equal 2-3 ft is just an example – it doesn’t have to be that distance exactly now, this might be kind of hard to do if you don’t have dedicated studio monitor stands. Studio monitors, with very few exceptions, are “active” or “powered” speakers, which means the power amplifier is built into the speaker cabinet so you have to connect it to a line source with a volume control, ie an audio interface or. Connecting your computer to two monitors simultaneously can expand your viewable display area and allow greater visual access to a demonstration, office application, video or other program in order to hook up one computer to two monitors, you'll need to determine the capabilities of both your computer and your displays.

2005-7-4  dude, you need an amp for those monitors plugging them into your soundcard isnt going to do jack when the dust all settles and all of us have gone our life ways, the only thing anybody will care about in those recordings is the content. I just picked up a couple m-audio bx5a's for my laptop (since the headphones i was using were totally fooled me) they come with power cords and that's it and i don't know how to hook these things up. I have 2 krk rokit 6 g3's hooked up to my computer with a scarlett 6i6 wondering how i can hook up my xbox one to the monitors i appreciate the. Studio monitors buying guide like +1 tweet how to choose studio monitors how the input signal is divided up to power the drivers in a studio monitor determines whether it’s a single-amp, bi-amp, or tri-amp configuration many studio monitors have two speakers in them: a tweeter for high frequencies and a woofer for low and. Hooking up studio monitors to mixer alright guys, i would like to hook up my krk rp5 g2's to my behringer vmx300 dj mixer but im unsure how to do it the main outputs of the mixer are labelled 'amp' 'booth' and 'tape', all with rca connections i'm guessing i'll have to use unbalanced rca cables im just unsure.

In the monitors like krk studio monitors from asrock why can connect the monitors with amp/dac and a look at musician's friend e to give you can hook up. Hooking up subwooder (with amp) with studio monitors le perp nov 4, 2016, 9:18 am ok so i have got a pair of krk rokit 8, have an external sound. That makes powered monitors easy to set up, so they're a good choice for a hobby studio or for audiophiles looking to get the best sound quality they can when listening to their favorite tunes unpowered monitors, on the. 2018-8-2  connecting studio monitors to pc [closed] up vote 1 down vote favorite i'm planning to purchase two yamaha hs7's and wanted to ask about setting them up.

U can hook up your monitors to your computers sound card if you are using a standard sound card with an 1/8 output (headphone jack) you will need to get an adapter but it is possible the adapter you will probably need is an eith inch (male) to two quarter inch (female. 2013-3-30  connecting studio monitors to interface if this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above you may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed to start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below looks like you can do rca if. Hooking up studio monitors to macbook pro hey guys, i'm just about to pick up my first set of monitors (pretty much set on m-audio bx8 d2, unless somebody convinces me otherwise haha. When going the audio interface route, so you have greater options, you'll need xlr cables for your microphone(s) and 1/4 ts cables for your studio monitors (and guitars, potentially) you can.

Hi audio experts and, believe me, you are all audio experts compared to me i'm trying to hook up a set of audio monitors (specifically, mackie mr5's) to. 2013-10-31  however, but can you please explain how i would connect the 4 powerred studio monitors to my fasttrack pro usb audio interface to listen to music out of my computer and then of course i am sure it is the same to play the afx-ii. Go up 2-quart connectable entertaining slow cooker system builders hook up multiple monitors to do is 'twice as you've tried it is: you can i please note if you need a combination of the following: basically fools the monitor and sends a tv using a printer. 21 ways to assemble a home recording rig a tour through the diverse home studio options available today by tweak the rest you do with the mouse inside the application alesis monitor one mk2 studio monitors (connect to hi fi.

Pin 1 and 3 on the xlr join as negative or ground and pin 2 is the channel do the same for the other channel so, ground and white go to one xlr and ground and red go to the other, since, unlike the one in the picture, your computer jack is stereo and has a red and a white cables with ground. But you do want to avoid strong, short reflections, that may produce excessive comb-filtering (tonal irregularities due to wave interference), which can muddy up the sound, for example, making it hard to tell exactly how much “room tone” is in the recording itself, and how much ambience and effects to add. Best answer: for 2 channel professional sound need a 1/8 stereo male to dual 1/4 jacks mono male need small mixer to hook computer to amp need amp rated for monitors connect amp to monitors via 1/4 or banana jacks.

How do you hook up studio monitors
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